IMG_6121”Susanne Tapper is one makeup artist of few from Sweden who was handpicked for Val Garland mastered class in 2015”. She regularly works with amazing photographers to produce exceptional images for variety of fashion, editorial & advertising clients.”



Susanne´s love affair with the art of makeup began in the early 80´s when she picked up her moms blue eye pencil and black mascara for the first time.
She starts to doing her friends makeup now and then and loved when they transformed in front of her.
Susanne loves the challenge that the multi faceted world of cosmetics brings. When looking at someone’s face, she uses her intuition to create the perfect look for them. “I like to keep makeup fun and playful”. You have to find each person’s comfort zone and show them new textures and ways to do things to inspire them”.

Inspiration comes from the world around her, people she meet, images from magazines, movies and other media & of course places she travels to.

In her years as an makeup artist she had have the opportunity too meet fantastic people too work with and clients who inspired her to create magic for the world. She is proud of her work and the passion she feels from all of her clients from the beginning of her career.” I´m very thankful for every opportunity which let me grow as an artist and as a person”.



If you are in need of an MakeupArtist for your wedding take a look at Susanne´s other website for this kind of services.